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A Joyful Exploration of Faith and Reason

Welcome to the Regina Academies! We are a network of five Catholic, classical liberal arts academies serving over 500 students in the greater Philadelphia area. You can access the websites of each of our schools through the links above. 

The Regina Academies differ from other schools in two significant ways: The method by which a student’s intellect and character are formed, and the content of the curriculum. The Regina Academies are classical liberal arts academies. Classical schools cultivate wisdom and virtue through the study of the liberal arts and the Great Books. An education in the liberal arts is an education in freedom, because it focuses on truth as it can be known from the natural world, revelation, and the study of humanity through great literature.

Jesus is quoted as saying in St. John’s gospel, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Students formed in a Regina Academy are freed to become the individuals God desires them to be.   

At the Regina Academies, we focus on the joy of learning rather than the agony of performing. If you were to visit one of our classrooms, you would see a lot of conversation taking place among students and teachers. Our teachers don’t lecture. Our teachers challenge students by engaging them in a dialogue to think deeply into the subjects they are discussing, and not merely to memorize material they will be asked to recite back to the teacher on a test.  

In the classical liberal arts tradition, education is thoughtful, not routine. It only has value to the degree it enables the child to fulfill his or her purpose as a particular human being. 

The Regina Academies challenge children and their families in a rigorous academic setting to grow in their knowledge, love, and service to God and one another each day.  


The Regina Academies were founded in 2003 by individuals who recognized the distinctive merits of Catholic classical education, the same education that produced some of the greatest minds in Western Civilization. In Regina schools, education is built around the natural stages of childhood development, called the Triviuum in classical education. In age appropriate ways, students are challenged to achieve their academic potential as they become the thinkers and articulate leaders of the future! 

Regina students experience joy in learning and are inspired by dedicated, outstanding, and mission driven teachers who serve as role models to their students. At the Regina Academies, the incarnation of Jesus Christ is the foundation of the curriculum, and the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty the cornerstone. The Regina Academy curriculum is fully integrated with the teachings of the Catholic faith and all teachers sign an oath of fidelity to the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church each year.  

Visit our schools’ websites and talk to our parents and headmasters to find out why the Regina Academies provide a unique and unequaled educational opportunity to children in the Philadelphia area. 

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The Regina Curriculum challenges students to grow in knowledge and wisdom. It is…

  • Ordered to the true, the good, and the beautiful. It provides confidence that we have the ability to know truth and communicate it to our peers.
  • Integrated. For example, students studying medieval history also read literature from the same period appropriate to their grade level, study scholasticism in religion class, reflect on what they are learning in writing classes, and may even discuss the development of science during the same period. In art and music class, they will learn about medieval art and music and maybe even sing some Gregorian chant to reinforce what they are learning in their Latin class. Consequently, their knowledge of the world is comprehensive.
  • Natural. It follows the natural stages of childhood development.
  • Rigorous. In addition to the usual academic subjects, students study Latin, Greek, and logic as a way of helping them learn how to think.
  • Purposeful. In the Catholic liberal arts tradition, education only has value to the degree it enables the child to fulfill his or her calling and identity as a child of God. They learn to prayerfully discern their unique purpose that God has in mind for them.

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